Custom Work

Want the perfect gift? I can illustrate your friends and family and print them on shirts, mugs, hoodies, etc. Send me a description of what you want and any text needed, then attach photos and sketches using the form below. I’ll respond with a sketch and a price asap.


Wedding Gift: Huggable Pillow Creations and Tote Bags

For a friends wedding, I created portraits of the Bride and Groom as mythical creatures. These were then printed on tote bags and on pillow fabric. The pillows were then cut, resewn and stuffed to create huggable dolls.

Secret Santa Mug and Original Print

These were made as a Secret Santa gift for a coworker. The original image was printed and framed, and the image was transferred onto a coffee mug.

Framed Print With Portrait and Caricature.

Was asked to make a funny illustration for a family member to gift for the holidays. Working off of photos of him, his girlfriend and their puppy, I created this illustration and framed and delivered it.

Custom illustration and print for a friends brother